Sunday, January 22, 2023

Karachi for the first time

  I saw Karachi for the first time in 1984
.  Went to Karachi with his villager, friend and classmate Shahid Hussain Abbasi (then an engineering student at NAD University), saw the sea and also visited Abdullah Shah Ghazi's shrine in Clifton.  After that he kept coming and going many times.

  In the beginning of 2021, Mr. Masood Lohar started a tree planting project called Clifton Urban Forest on Karachi beach, he also invited me there.  Now having a permanent residence at this place, once I went to the shrine of Abdullah Shah Ghazi.  The mausoleum underwent many changes over time, but the biggest change that surprised me was the change in the identity of the grave.  Abdullah Shah Ghazi had meanwhile changed to Abdullah al-Ashtar, and a large marble slab on a prominent road bore a new name plaque inscribed with Wali Allah's genealogy.
  Leaving this debate aside for a moment, I was thinking that Sindh is so orphaned and oblivious that anyone who wants to change the history of Sindh according to his will without any trouble is also there.  will turn to

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