Saturday, February 4, 2023

Moon Story


In the sixties when computers were not as powerful as today, it can be estimated from the fact that these computers had less than 1 MB of RAM, today's typical computer has 8 GB of RAM.  At that time almost all work was done by hand.  You can see in this image the programs or algorithms that NASA software engineer Margaret Hamilton wrote at the time.  Kudos to their hard work.
  Many dervish types still believe that there is no man on the moon, that it was just a play by the Americans to somehow bring Russia to earth.  But the reality is that there are thousands of hours of videos of the entire project, hundreds of engineers, scientists and technicians were part of the work, and billions of dollars were invested in the project.
  It is enough for the fake moon landing claimants that pretending to fake it would cost as much as going to the moon.

  You can also view this software engineer's profile on Google.
  The mission to go to the moon did not become a reality, but several astronauts were killed by spacecraft explosions during the test flights during this project and this is all part of the record.
  Even today, when Elon Musk is preparing to go to Mars, some of his rockets worth billions of rupees are destroyed during the test flight and landing, but the human quest cannot end with these failures.
  It may take four or five years for man to go to Mars, and in today's technology, we will be able to watch this seven-month non-stop space travel live and it will be proof that man has already been to the moon.  .  is a fact.

Friday, February 3, 2023

Rawalpindi's Lal Haveli

Rawalpindi's Lal Haveli, Sheikh Rashid's occupation and Bhudhanbai's love
  The partition of India left many stories behind where Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims of united India were forced to leave their homes, cities and lands.
  Seth Dhanraj Sehgal, a Hindu from Jhelum, Punjab, fell in love with a dancing girl from Sialkot. Seth Dhanraj saw the girl dancing at a party and brought her to his home in Jhelum, which his family  did not accept  Very rich and respected, he agreed to let his beloved live in another city, after which Seth Dhanraj built a mansion for her in Rawalpindi.
  A small mosque was also built inside the mansion for Bhodhan Bai and a small temple for Seth Dhanraj.
  Seth Dhanraj's business extended to Srinagar and Peshawar but peace in India forced him to leave his business and mansion, I want you to go to India with your family.
  Seth Dhanraj was registered by the British government and his mansion was registered as Bhodhanbai, but a few years later when the capital of Pakistan was first temporarily moved from Karachi to Rawalpindi, the military headquarters, GHQ, was renamed.  Also transferred from Karachi.  In Rawalpindi, objection was raised to the name plaque of a Hindu Seth Dhan Raj.
  The Rawalpindi court sent a notice to Bodhanbai and asked the court, the judge inside the court told Bodhanbai that you should write that Seth Dhanraj is your husband, you were a Hindu but now you have become a Muslim, you are his heir.  Who will be the legal heir of this property?
  The girl folded her hands in front of the judge and said that I am a poor Nacho girl, Seth Dhanraj respected me, loved me, my conscience does not allow me to blame him after he left, I owned the mansion.  left  This
  The court has written the residential part of the haveli to Bhudhanbai and handed over the rest of the haveli to the endowment department.
  In the early days of General Zia, the body of Bhudanbai's brother, who lived with him, was found, but Bhudanbai herself went missing, possibly Pakistan's first female missing person.
  Sheikh Rasheed then occupied the portion of the mansion which had been given to Bodhanbai.
  Sheikh Rashid used to buy books and newspapers in front of the gate of the haveli but suddenly Sheikh Rashid became the owner of the haveli and he was elected MNA in the 50th election of General Zia.
  Although Sheikh Rashid says that the maid took the mansion, the dark truth of Lal Haveli comes out when Sheikh Rashid starts talking against his mistress.
  Lal Haveli is now owned by anyone but the secret of Lal Haveli is the love of Seth Dhanraj and Bhodhan Bai.
  It is not known where the girl went, but the descendants of Seth Dhanraj today own Sehgal Group of Industries, India's largest business conglomerate.

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

One thing in particular


One thing in particular.  I.  It has been observed that people, seeing references to books written in any writing, are satisfied that the writing will be correct because the author has given references to various books in it.
  Believe that 99.999% of readers and those who believe in the validity of such articles.  They do not check the references themselves, firstly because not every common reader has access to the books given in the references, secondly because people do not have enough resources to verify the references of fifty hundred books.  .  There will be time given in the text of one and a half pages and not these books
  The citations and citations in the texts are useful only to those who are interested in research, and the number of such interested people here is hardly one and a half thousand.  Research enthusiasts don't just rely on references

August In 1930 Sindh Hind

 August In 1930, when the British government sentenced Surahiya Badshah to eight years in Ratnanagari Jail in India in various cases, Haran suffered a lot.  Among the monks of the Haraj Jamaat, they went on hunger strike in Sanjori police station, and some of them also went on hunger strike in Lohar.  Because Peer's presence is nowhere to be seen in the jails of Sindh.

  Meanwhile, some monks came to know that Pir Sahib was imprisoned in a remote place in India.  He held the hands of the beggars and said that no matter what happens, we will go for the pilgrimage of Pir Sain and will not return after half the journey, otherwise death will be our destiny.
  Each of these fakirs, Ameer Bakhsh Wasan (then 35 years old), Muhammad Hasan Wasan (then 23 years old) and Qadeen Faqir Kiru (then 30 years old) came from Allah.
  The village of these beggars was situated to the east of Kundiro Wasan Sanjhori, yet they did not go to their village lest they should leave the judgment to the mystery of their relatives.  He brought the beggars and told them the truth, he gave money and some money for water, the poor men were walking in the river, the next night they stayed in a nearby village and moved on, they paid a huge amount for him.  .  The bird, the monk, took the wheel from Kantio Chhachru through the desert and reached the sand on the shores of the Bardach Sea.  There, one of the various fakirs, Rashid Faqir, stayed with the king and apprised the fakirs of the situation.
  The view of Ratnagri is similar to the extension of Khalif Ahmed Faqir Laghari Ladar. The sun will set on the points of a few stars.
  The beggars said, Allow us to give one last chance. Then the fakir won our fortune. As the morning dawned, the fakir sat down and ate butter and bread, mentioning Allah and carrying the coin of Murshid Karim.  Now water started flowing from his lips and his nose was also dry, the night had fallen and the cord of thirst was dry, the faqir was older than me, so he suggested that even if the faqir dies, join hands.  Should be done.  So that the promise given by Murshid Karim is not broken, die together.  These beggars had no worries and hoped that the Murshid would surely become the support of the poor, the ray of hope was still present in me to remember the Murshid with Allah Ta'ala.  Now the milk is like a tail in a lid.
  Then we saw a person wearing a green mask walking towards us. According to Muhammad Hasan, he was a young man who got up and sat down holding a goat, a metal bucket and a glass in his hand and he drank water.  The beggars drank the water and the man suddenly disappeared from the scene, according to the beggars the water was as sweet as Egyptian, the beggars got courage and they crossed the river till morning.
  After that, the monks from different parts of India boarded the boat from Bohri Bandar and during the flight the monks presented many interesting stories.
  After two nights and two days the ship reached the port of Ratnagiri, from where the monks disembarked and reached the city's Jama Masjid, where Caliph Ahmad Faqir Laghari met them and the monks narrated the whole long journey from Sanjahori to Ratnagiri.
Ahmed Faqir Leghari wrote all the facts in the form of a letter and sent it to Pir Sain.
  He also wrote that I have written to meet three people this week who will come from Sindh to meet him, but you wait, so Ahmed Faqir kept them to himself.  15 days later it was the meeting day, Ahmed Faqir stopped these beggars at the main gate of Ratnanagari Jail, which was also the same as Hyderabad Central Jail.
  These monks consulted among themselves that if there was an opportunity, they would kill Murshid Karim, but according to the monks, Pir Saeed was dressed in the clothes of a jail prisoner inside the prison cell.  Look, I was shocked to see him, the beggars had no choice but to look at him. The atmosphere became mournful.
  Sonharan himself took information about Jamaat Saguri and their innocent children.
  Shahnawaz Khan Bhutto, who came from Sindh, discussed cases and other matters with Muhammad Faqir Mehr and Mohabbate Faqir Bahan
  The jail administration stood quietly behind the jail walls with the jailer.
  At the end of the day, Saint Paghari addressed the monks, saying, "Convey my greetings and message to the congregation, keep going to Dargah Sharif and engage in it."
  Thus these poor people returned to their native village Kondero near Sanjhuru after traveling on foot for four months.
  It should be noted that Muhammad Hasan Faqir later joined the Ghazi movement, Ameer Faqir was his close relative and Qadeen Faqir was a resident of Ganga village near Shahdadpur.  Muhammad Hassan died in 1993 and Amir Faqir in 1994.