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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Karachi Hort Of Sindh


Bengali sages in the third region
  Teiser's sudden situation with Gulshan Mimar near Mutwakkul VM 9 is said in the statement that Allama Latif's characters are present with Moki's Teiser's impure but common Bengali. 
The ground platoons of their field have gone to Gharan, Bazaran and Pamphlet.
  Teser Town, which is the largest Chapter 1 in 1966, a program was put forward to present a proposal to the people of the poor.  At the time of the MQM, the people of Bengali took control of the shape of their good character and settled the Lyari Express on the victims.  The territory on Bangash and the Kanran occupation of Lyari (in which there was usually an illegal pilami) went to the third Tamasha.  In the second place, the Pashtos of Swali Sohrab village of Anskim, who found that a few plots were shared among Sindhis, Punjabis and Indians, but the important Bengali people found the majority of Bengalis in Tasar Town.
  The impact of the population that has been included in the population is visible only in Malir, a predominantly Sindhi area of ​​Karachi.
  According to the population census of 2017, Sindhi nationalists outnumbered Pashto nationalists by 20%.  Thirteen ethnic Urdu, thirteen Raja Punjabi, eight Balochistan Balahisar, four state Hindku and two sides Saraiki and Brohi were present in the Miller.
  The other people of Panj Salin province, Karachi and Amran Laden's nationality are present iKaran Malir, only at their disposal, the population of Bahria Town along with their population and Taysar can migrate large number of people to Taysar area.  .  The majority of Sindhis have been shocked, the truth is that they do not feel that in the future, the majority of Sindhis have disappeared in Karachi with the opening of DHC, Bahria and Teiser Town.  It is possible..
  The estimated population in Taysar Town at that time, which is believed by Gulshan Mimar to be one lakh population, is that there are lakhs of Sindhi people in this area as well.
The largest population in this town is Bengali and Bihari which is thirty five percent of the total population, about thirty percent of the population consists of Pashto speakers, remaining twelve percent of the population consists of Sindhi, and the rest of the population consists of Saraiki.  , Punjabi, Hindi, and Balochi speakers.
  Most of the plots in Tayseer Town are currently owned by the Bengali population, while many plots have been purchased by Afghan refugees in the name of people from tribal areas who are their business partners. The vision of the future is on Tayseer Town.  Sixty percent of Gulshan Mimar's population consists of Pashto speakers.
  The Pashto and Bengali speaking population are currently mostly voters of the PPP due to which they have no problem with their resettlement, while illegal residents of Bengalis, Burmese, Bihars and Afghans look to the PPP to solve their problems.  Need support.  There is a better option.  People's Party is the best choice for Pathans and Afghani refugees in Karachi at this time because they believe that the support of People's Party will make it easier for them to spread their wings in Karachi.
  The population capacity of Teser Town is 25 lakhs, if Teser Town is fully settled for the next ten years, the biggest damage will be done to the demography and population balance of Malir, a Sindhi-majority area of ​​Karachi.  A minority