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Saturday, January 21, 2023

Thirty years ago,

Thirty years ago, there were hundreds of species of birds and different languages ​​could be heard in Sindh, but this is not the case today.
  At this time most of the birds including tail bird, parrot, heron, gheera, pheasant, bulbul, goshawk, mulali, phosari, call kanachi, falcon and birds.  Gaja, has disappeared.  The main causes of this genocide are human encroachment on bird nests, climate change, use of pesticides and human ignorance, ignorance and greed.

  But there are three birds that have adapted themselves to the new environment and survived.
   Surna or hill towns took over and all kinds of food became part of their life.
  Pigeons are considered pet birds and in towns and villages people pour water on pigeons with tea.  There is no threat to the pigeon breed.
  The third bird is the crow.  Since the crow eats everything and is a small bird, there is no threat to the crow's survival.
  Disappearing birds used to feed mostly on birds, now birds are home to crops and crops.  Since humans have used poisons on crops, animals are dying and birds are also being killed.
  The extinction of birds and the increase in the number of some birds is proof that the theory of evolution is correct.
  Organisms that could not adapt to their environment, could not learn to build their nests elsewhere, could not change their food options became a thing of the past.  Birds that adapt to new environments, climate changes and food supplies will survive, such as cranes, crows and pigeons.
  The same law applies to Sindhis, if they do not change their environment, society, thinking and behavior (from villages and small towns to Karachi city) for their survival, it is difficult for them to survive.
  This law also applies to Sindhi language.  The Sindhi language is certainly strong in villages and small towns, but it is stagnant or stuck in the ears, modern experiments in the language are not taking place.  Do you think if in a city like Karachi Sindhi is given the first priority to speak, millions of people will speak all kinds of words, millions of times on all kinds of topics, the language will undergo experiments and adapt new words.  And thoughts, why not better way?
  Last but not least are all the great and masterpiece languages ​​of the world, such as English, Chinese, French, Russian, German, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Persian, Spanish etc.  These languages ​​should be the main language of a city of at least five million.  The biggest city of Sindh for Sindhi language is Larkana which has a population of 10 crores.  Hyderabad is full of people, people from Karachi shy to speak Sindhi language.  The need is that one crore people in Karachi speak Sindhi just like one million people in Larkana speak Sindhi.

Jobs government of Sindh


From the government of Sindh, this year of 2030 is the year of jobs, this year we will give jobs to 100,000 people because the general election is in this year, so this process has been going on for some time.  Yes, but still we are trying our best to take the second test soon after the screen test by I to bring forward more youth and give jobs.  They should be redeveloped and they should stand on their own feet. Let the youth do more for business and the youth can have a passion for cooking and stand on their own feet.
For the past 40 years, the People's Party has been working for the people of Sindh and we hope that the people of Sindh will vote for us in the coming days so that we can give more time and continue to serve them.
Social Media Hoja Print Media is our sniper to know what people think about us.  Send representatives to meet them and listen to their problems and bring them up in any case so that they can be resolved.
In times of good or bad, we have never left the people of Sindh.  We are ready to help them