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Saturday, January 21, 2023

From the birth of water

 From the birth of water to the stars and the molecules in a glass of vodka:

Water is life, on planets where water is in liquid state, there are much better chances of birth of life.
But the question is, where did water come from in the universe?
We have a good knowledge of all the chemical elements in the earth's surface and core, where they came from, how they were formed, when they were formed, why some elements are in less quantity and why some elements are more.
Carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, iron, copper, gold, silver, and uranium were formed in the belly of billions of stars over billions of years, and some heavy elements such as iron, copper, gold, and silver were formed during the explosion of stars in a supernova explosion or hyper nova explosion.
But water is not a chemical element but a compound.  Water did not form in the belly of the stars, nor did it form during the supernova explosion, so where did it come from?

The ancient reference is as follows that the initial temperature of the universe born through the Big Bang was millions of degrees Celsius and the universe was going through the phase of expansion.  Temperature decreases through diffusion expansion.  An example of this can be considered from the AC installed in the house, in which the AC gas gets hot due to compression and the gas gets cold during expansion.
In the early days of the universe, the temperature was so high that the matter was in the form of plasma where even the basic element hydrogen could not be stable.  Fortunately, in about four million years the temperature decreased and the elements hydrogen, helium, and lithium appeared.  These elements have two and three protons in their nucleus respectively.
The first star was born in the universe in four million years, remember that every star is made of ninety percent hydrogen.
In the early universe, the matter was in a liquid state, so the early stars were very large in size.  Big stars mean big engines that burn a lot of fuel i.e. hydrogen.  That's why the stars completed their lifespan in only a few million years and in the hyper nova explosion, more elements were released into the universe.
The element called oxygen was also formed in the factories of these stars and started spreading in the universe.
A compound called water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen.  As soon as oxygen was born, it reacted with oxygen and gave birth to water.  Therefore, it can be said that the age of water is twelve billion years and four and a half billion years before the earth, which means that the water we drink existed billions of years before the earth was formed.
As the universe expanded, most of the matter or matter was trapped in the stars in the form of hydrogen fuel, and the temperature of the rest of the universe, apart from the stars, dropped to two hundred degrees.  The water born in the universe at such a temperature was moving in the form of ice balls in the form of Rolo Comet.
Such comets or ice balls move in different orbits outside the stars due to the attraction or gravity of the stars.  Oort cloud outside the sun
There are billions of them in the Oort cloud.  Comets also collide with each other and break apart.
When the earth was formed, at the end of the solar system and when gravity disturbed, these comets were pulled towards the sun by the attraction of the sun and collided with the planets and moons of the solar system.
Due to the disturbance of that gravity, there were two eras that we