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Sunday, January 22, 2023

Karachi Sindh


A week ago, two Sindhis met me in Karachi.
  One is a rickshaw and the other is a Land Cruiser.
  At a place in Clifton I was waiting for my husband when a Land Cruiser came and a fellow who was the PA of the owner of the Land Cruiser got out.  The owner went straight into the building and his PA sat next to me.  I said mans bhav kathon ji bla hai.  He said that I am the PA of a famous person (Dero Sardar) of Shahdadpur.  I heard his Urdu Sindhi accent and thought he was Sindhi.  He said to me that you know my sir (Fulana Khan Deri), I said no, I have never heard or seen him before.
  I answered his sentences in Urdu in Sindhi and said that why do you speak Urdu while being a Sindhi?  Hours later I replied that I am not actually a Sindhi but an Urdu speaker.  He said that living with Mr. Urdu has become a habit.
  After a few moments he again asked something in Urdu so I said that I am sure I cannot speak to a Sindhi who does not speak Urdu.

  After a few hours, a rickshaw stopped there.  On the way he told that he is the chief of Qambar, since last many years half of the residents of his village are living in Karachi, we eat halal food.
  I asked if the Pathans were not tight, and he said that the owners of Karachi had the courage to say anything to the Sindhis.  Every nationality including the Pathans now consider the Sindhis as their countrymen.  From Bahria Town to Maripur, there are Sindhis everywhere, doing small and big businesses.
  I was very happy to hear such insightful words from the rickshaw-puller and very sad to hear the reference to the Land Cruiser