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Saturday, February 4, 2023

Moon Story


In the sixties when computers were not as powerful as today, it can be estimated from the fact that these computers had less than 1 MB of RAM, today's typical computer has 8 GB of RAM.  At that time almost all work was done by hand.  You can see in this image the programs or algorithms that NASA software engineer Margaret Hamilton wrote at the time.  Kudos to their hard work.
  Many dervish types still believe that there is no man on the moon, that it was just a play by the Americans to somehow bring Russia to earth.  But the reality is that there are thousands of hours of videos of the entire project, hundreds of engineers, scientists and technicians were part of the work, and billions of dollars were invested in the project.
  It is enough for the fake moon landing claimants that pretending to fake it would cost as much as going to the moon.

  You can also view this software engineer's profile on Google.
  The mission to go to the moon did not become a reality, but several astronauts were killed by spacecraft explosions during the test flights during this project and this is all part of the record.
  Even today, when Elon Musk is preparing to go to Mars, some of his rockets worth billions of rupees are destroyed during the test flight and landing, but the human quest cannot end with these failures.
  It may take four or five years for man to go to Mars, and in today's technology, we will be able to watch this seven-month non-stop space travel live and it will be proof that man has already been to the moon.  .  is a fact.