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Historic Places and Places of Sindh

  Historic Places and Places of Sindh, Vijnut's Mound
  Ghotki district has historical sites which are very old sites which have been researched at Dathri Momal's Ghodi and many other places but at the corner 15 km north of Deharki, 6 km south of Reti is Vijnuth mound.  Which was 60 km.  Acres, but the residents here have saved two or three acres by destroying this mound, the original shape of the mound has completely changed, when Gabol, Naubat Ali Dahar and I reached this mound, this mound was completely destroyed.  .  There is no sign of the name of this mound, there was a hut somewhere but no sign of the place was found.  The rest of the mounds have been covered with soil from the bottom and no trace is left now which is a sad story, the residents occupied the mounds and demolished these mounds to settle the lands, unfortunately we are unable to preserve our historical heritage.  could not  This mound has existed only since the time of the writers, the history papers ask where such a big mound is now, what will be the answer?

Sindhi People


The total population of the world is 8 billion.

  The total population of Sindhis in the whole world is 8 crores.  That is 1% of the total world population.

  According to an estimate, less than half of the world's Sindhis live in the present Sindh province of Pakistan.  While a passive number of non-Sindhis who have come from outside Sindh gradually assimilate themselves into Sindhis after a few generations, they remain naturalized Sindhis.

  Sindhis have historically lived as an indigenous population outside present-day Sindh province for thousands of years, such as in Balochistan, Punjab, and the Indian states of Gujarat and Rajasthan.

  Over the past few centuries, Sindhi trees have been colonized in neighboring regions and distant countries due to trade, environmental reasons or political upheavals.  Even after centuries they have established their identity as Sindhis.  The Sindhi language has been largely preserved.  They have retained the Sindhi cultural and moral norms and standards even today.

  At the time of partition, about 25 to 30 percent of the Sindhi population migrated from Pakistan to India and settled in other countries of the world.

  In the current wave of globalization, like other nations, Sindhis are also spread in all the countries of the world.  Along with this, like other nations of the world, Sindhis are also going through the process of continuous migration.  In whatever region, country or city Sindhis live in the world, they maintain the identity of the Sindhi community.

  Wherever Sindhis live in the whole world, they make their own Suta Sindh.  According to an estimate, Sindhis are socially and economically active in 150 countries by establishing their own active community organizations.  The total number of such Sindhi community organizations of Sindhis is more than 400 in the world.

  In this era of globalization and modern technology, we have to think about networking and establishing close links between all the Sindhis living in the world and make arrangements by supporting the global ideas and practices of other developed nations.  In this way we will be able to better build a modern Sindhi nation with a long view and global thinking.  Sindhi language, culture, history, civilization, art and thought, music, dress, food are the strong foundations of our unity.  which we present in the composite word "Sindhat".

  If we look only for example and understanding, the Jewish population is only 0.2% of the total population of the world.  Only 30% of the total Jewish population in the world is in Israel, 51% is in America, and the remaining 19% of the Jewish population is scattered in 100 different countries of the world.  According to Israel's constitution and laws, all Jews living in the world are entitled to Israeli citizenship.

  All Sindhis living in the world should get the right of citizenship of Sindh.

Karachi Sindh


A week ago, two Sindhis met me in Karachi.
  One is a rickshaw and the other is a Land Cruiser.
  At a place in Clifton I was waiting for my husband when a Land Cruiser came and a fellow who was the PA of the owner of the Land Cruiser got out.  The owner went straight into the building and his PA sat next to me.  I said mans bhav kathon ji bla hai.  He said that I am the PA of a famous person (Dero Sardar) of Shahdadpur.  I heard his Urdu Sindhi accent and thought he was Sindhi.  He said to me that you know my sir (Fulana Khan Deri), I said no, I have never heard or seen him before.
  I answered his sentences in Urdu in Sindhi and said that why do you speak Urdu while being a Sindhi?  Hours later I replied that I am not actually a Sindhi but an Urdu speaker.  He said that living with Mr. Urdu has become a habit.
  After a few moments he again asked something in Urdu so I said that I am sure I cannot speak to a Sindhi who does not speak Urdu.

  After a few hours, a rickshaw stopped there.  On the way he told that he is the chief of Qambar, since last many years half of the residents of his village are living in Karachi, we eat halal food.
  I asked if the Pathans were not tight, and he said that the owners of Karachi had the courage to say anything to the Sindhis.  Every nationality including the Pathans now consider the Sindhis as their countrymen.  From Bahria Town to Maripur, there are Sindhis everywhere, doing small and big businesses.
  I was very happy to hear such insightful words from the rickshaw-puller and very sad to hear the reference to the Land Cruiser

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Importance of Teachers Union


Importance of Teachers Union
  In Sindh, where the political organizations have been practically paralyzed by giving an open field only to the ruling parties, the people's participation in politics has been stopped by bargaining with the establishment and reaching the provincial and local councils of the federation.  Actions have created a culture.  Mutual co-ordination
  Various NGOs are doing excellent work in all third world countries including African countries, NGOs have a big hand in increasing the rate of education in India and Bangladesh, for the rights of women, children and gays in India.  NGOs have a big hand, hard work has brought results
  But NGOs in Pakistan have been rendered redundant and corrupt and reduced to mere paper, barred from the process of social change.
  Like student politics and student unions, teacher politics and teacher unions are very important. PTA has played a positive role in the past. Teachers and teacher organizations have been used for their own interests through conversion. In federal, provincial and local elections.  The government also uses these teachers in fraud, so the government prevents positive educational, social and political organization in the teachers' organizations through its brokers, who are themselves corrupt and destroy the educational institutions of Sindh by supporting the corrupt masters.  have been.  , sexual patients and psychiatric patients.
  Just as the nationally minded poets and writers of Sindh always strived for the betterment of the Sindhi literary society, similarly the nationally minded province of Sindh should also struggle to get rid of the pet pimps of the elders.  Organizations will also become journalistic circles to save teachers and not teachers.




Greater Punjab was the dream of Raja Ranjit Singh centered on the throne of Lahore, but the goal of Greater Punjab was to occupy the land from Kailash Parbat to Sindhu Sagar (Indus Sea).  The British crushed the dream of Raja Ranjit Singh after which Punjab was divided into two parts (East Punjab and West Punjab).
  The Indian government divided Indian Punjab into three parts (Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab) to end the supremacy of Punjabis.
  To establish the supremacy of the Punjabis, the Pakistani government annexed the state of Bhawalpur (Bahawalpur, Bhawalingar and Rahim Yar Khan districts) and the independent tribal areas of Dera Ghazi Khan division (Dera Ghazi Khan, Leh, Muzaffargarh and Rajanpur districts) to Punjab.  .  After which the geographical, numerical and political majority of Punjab increased.
  The British government distributed the canal land at Sukkur Barrage only to the Sindhis, but the Pakistan government distributed the land inhabited by the canals (canals) formed by the Rohri Canal, the Jumrao Canal along with the Kotra Barrage and the Guddu Barrage.  The Punjabi settlers were deprived of political majority.
  The remaining gap was filled by Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhuti who gave Punjabis and Pathans legal right to education, jobs, employment, setting up factories and buying land in Sindh according to the 1973 constitution.
  Greater Punjab is virtually united since 1973, now becoming independent is a difficult task.

Mars Venus


Why do humans want to go to Mars and not Venus?

   The planet Venus is closer to Earth than Mars, Earth and Venus have almost the same mass, gravity is also the same, so why is man standing on Mars listening to music, let's investigate.

  Although Venus is the second largest planet in the solar system, it is the hottest planet after Mercury. The surface temperature is at least 400 to 500 degrees, so it is impossible to live there.
  The reasons why Venus is so hot are:
  While Earth's atmosphere is 99 percent nitrogen and oxygen and less than half a percent carbon dioxide, Venus's atmosphere is 90 percent carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide, which are greenhouse gases.  The property of greenhouse gases is that they trap the sun's heat and keep the atmosphere warm, which is why the temperature on earth is continuously increasing due to the increase in carbon dioxide.  If the increase of oxides is not stopped, the future of the Earth may also be like that of Venus, when the temperature of the Earth will be several hundreds of degrees.
  Also, as Earth's atmospheric pressure is 1 bar, while Venus' atmospheric pressure is over 90 bars, that means if a car were to stop on Venus, the air pressure would crush the car within seconds, just like a car would.  Truck up.  Which has weight.
  The atmosphere of Venus is always cloudy, but the clouds are not water, but acidic, and acid rain occurs on Venus, or volcanoes erupt.
  Russia sent several space shuttles to Venus or Venus in the 1950s and they still exist today as scraps of iron.
   Another interesting fact is that Venus is the only planet that orbits the Earth, meaning the sun rises in the west and sets in the east.  Finally, the Earth rotates on its axis in 24 hours, or one revolution in one day, but Venus takes 243 Earth days to rotate on its axis, so one day on Venus is equal to 243 days on Earth.  Is.  If you are standing on Venus and the sun rises, it does not set after twelve hours, but after 122 days the sun sets and there will be continuous light.
  Venus is the only planet without a moon.
   The brightest star in the west at dusk is not a star, but a planet, Venus.  You can see this evening.
  NASA has sent several space missions to Venus and research is ongoing.
  According to some planetary scientists, life may exist in the clouds of Venus.

Thirty years ago,

Thirty years ago, there were hundreds of species of birds and different languages ​​could be heard in Sindh, but this is not the case today.
  At this time most of the birds including tail bird, parrot, heron, gheera, pheasant, bulbul, goshawk, mulali, phosari, call kanachi, falcon and birds.  Gaja, has disappeared.  The main causes of this genocide are human encroachment on bird nests, climate change, use of pesticides and human ignorance, ignorance and greed.

  But there are three birds that have adapted themselves to the new environment and survived.
   Surna or hill towns took over and all kinds of food became part of their life.
  Pigeons are considered pet birds and in towns and villages people pour water on pigeons with tea.  There is no threat to the pigeon breed.
  The third bird is the crow.  Since the crow eats everything and is a small bird, there is no threat to the crow's survival.
  Disappearing birds used to feed mostly on birds, now birds are home to crops and crops.  Since humans have used poisons on crops, animals are dying and birds are also being killed.
  The extinction of birds and the increase in the number of some birds is proof that the theory of evolution is correct.
  Organisms that could not adapt to their environment, could not learn to build their nests elsewhere, could not change their food options became a thing of the past.  Birds that adapt to new environments, climate changes and food supplies will survive, such as cranes, crows and pigeons.
  The same law applies to Sindhis, if they do not change their environment, society, thinking and behavior (from villages and small towns to Karachi city) for their survival, it is difficult for them to survive.
  This law also applies to Sindhi language.  The Sindhi language is certainly strong in villages and small towns, but it is stagnant or stuck in the ears, modern experiments in the language are not taking place.  Do you think if in a city like Karachi Sindhi is given the first priority to speak, millions of people will speak all kinds of words, millions of times on all kinds of topics, the language will undergo experiments and adapt new words.  And thoughts, why not better way?
  Last but not least are all the great and masterpiece languages ​​of the world, such as English, Chinese, French, Russian, German, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Persian, Spanish etc.  These languages ​​should be the main language of a city of at least five million.  The biggest city of Sindh for Sindhi language is Larkana which has a population of 10 crores.  Hyderabad is full of people, people from Karachi shy to speak Sindhi language.  The need is that one crore people in Karachi speak Sindhi just like one million people in Larkana speak Sindhi.